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Good name for a dog [Jun. 18th, 2004|08:05 am]



I've been meaning to post things in this group, but have been busy until now.

My interest in names goes back a long way.

One of my dogs is named Willy, short for his "official name" William Wallace his primary functions are as a watchdog and pet. William from OE Will + Helm which means "will protect" is a very appropriate name for a dog.

Wallace comes from the Norman French 'Waleis' which means "foreigner" and was a common name used for many Celts by the Normans and gave rise to the names Wales and Welsh.

It was primarily a last name until the Scottish patriot William Wallace was executed, after which it was used as a given name in honor of Wallace among the Scots. After Wallace's death, Scottish Nobleman Robert de Brus (or Bruce in modern spelling) won Scotland's freedom and became it's king. His surname also then went into use as a given name, without which Australia wouldn't have it's most common male name today.

In naming my dog after the Scottish patriot I've basically named him "will protect foreigner", if we think of that last part being that humans are foreign to the dog species, it works very well. :)

So there's my a little contribution from me. :)